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Welcome to the Forum and Rules Empty Welcome to the Forum and Rules

Post  Nerdman3000 on Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:53 am

Welcome to the new FPS Terminator Site and Forum.

My name is Nerdman3000. T-4

Were new and still starting. The admins here are me and NarlyTeeth. NarlyTeeth is known as FPSTerminator-Dev on Moddb. While NarlyTeeth is making the game, I'm maintaning the forum. If you wanna ask about the mod talk to him or ask it in a topic. If you want to ask or report a problem about the Forum, ask or tell me.

You do have to follow the basic rules if you wanna stay here, follow them or T-6 :

1. No arguing or fighting. It's ok to disagree with others, and we don't mind debates. but the difference between debates and arguments is that debates end. you don't need to force your opinion down another's throat. If someone disagrees with you, then let them be. they have just as much right to have an opinion as you do.

2. The only criticism that will be accepted on this form has to be constructive. that means you only use critiques for the sake of improving the project. personal attacks, and insults just for the sake of spawning controversy will not be tolerated.

3. Respect others, every user on this forums is a person just like you whether you agree with their opinions/beliefs or not. we will not approve of any ethnic, racial, religious, or political comments

4. Please no cursing, you won't be in trouble if you do, but it's still not wanted. Mild language can be acceptable as long as it's not towards anybody.

5. If you don't like a person don't talk to them. If someone is giving you a hard time on this forum. we recommend to not respond back in the same manner but to either to avoid talking to that person, or negotiate with that person with courtesy, come to your conclusions, and move on. if both fail then leave a PM to admin and we will take care of the rest.

6. No reposting old information, so search before you post, but it is not bad if you accidently do repost, and again you won't be in trouble for doing this.

7. Don't bully people. this is a very Big no no. there is absolutely no reason to. if we get enough complaints for you bullying, you will be banned without question.

8. Hosted, or Uploaded content must be professionally appropriate. Any gratuitous content, such as pornography, or anything that would insult, or offend others, will result with a banhammer to the face, no questions asked.

9. Make your topics and post relevant. don't spam, advertise, or go off subject. we don't want to hear your political opinions or what you did over the holidays, unless it has relevance to FPS Terminator or the Terminator IP.

10. Have fun. T-1 T-1 T-1

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