FPS Terminator now has an Indie page

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FPS Terminator now has an Indie page Empty FPS Terminator now has an Indie page

Post  Nerdman3000 on Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:28 pm

This should have been done since the project took a jump to the Unreal Development Kit. But now it's officially an Independent title. One of the reasons why I waited, was I thought I could use more content before I present anything in the Indie games area of the database. I've Google searched for articles on the project and many have mistaken it as a mod for UT3 despite of my news articles clearly stating that it's being made with the Unreal Development Kit.

I've made some more progress for the game's content and gameplay. new weapon models are in the works, a few new mechanics like weapon swapping and grenade launcher attachments. A couple more pieces of concept art has been made as well.


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