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Fps Terminator Alpha Demo 1.0.1 Empty Fps Terminator Alpha Demo 1.0.1

Post  Nerdman3000 on Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:14 am

After getting much feedback about many technical issues with the previous demo, FPSTerminator-Dev has been hard at work this past week, trying to fix most of those problems. Well now he has a new upload of the demo that is far more playable. But it's still an alpha build, and it's still far from complete.

Fps Terminator Alpha Demo 1.0.1 Zbrushrender.1

Fps Terminator Alpha Demo 1.0.1 UDK_2010-07-23_10-52-04-32

Fps Terminator Alpha Demo 1.0.1 UDK_2010-07-23_10-51-16-28

Download Link

(Following is a Qoute from the MODDB Page.)

But at times I feel like I'm just floating on hot air when getting all this exposure from an alpha demo that barely works. It's been ripped apart by many when featured on other sites either for being broken, or looking too much like killzone 2. It's pretty obvious that I am a big fan of Killzone 2, I've always admired It's use of chaotic battleground atmosphere that's rarely seen in other shooters. and I found it even more fascinating that future war scenes from the James Cameron Films had a strong resemblance of chaos seen in killzone.

And after much controversy and criticism towards the design of the main rifle used in the game, It has been decided to change the design once again. This time the weapon is a modified MZ-14, which is what the soldiers used in T2 anyway. At first, I wasn't too sure about how the weapon would look in a first person view, but now I have gone past that fear, and I'm quite satisfied with how it looks in-game.

But a new weapon model is not the only thing new in this update. thanks to the community at the Epic Games, UDK forum, I was able to take care of that dreaded performance problem on newer graphics cards and drivers. Just an FYI the game's framerate is locked at 32 fps. I did this so the frame rate would be more consistant making dips less noticable. You should expect the game run much smoother than It did on the first demo.

Personally what I think is harder than fixing a bug, Is to hunt for them. If it wasn't for you guys playing the first alpha demo, It would have taken me much longer to fix those issues.

Here is a list of things that he has fixed and\or tweaked. (This list is also in the readme download)

•Significantly better performance on the latest graphics cards, and drivers.
•Custom pause menu prevents UtHud from appearing.
•Simple checkpoint system that allows the player to respawn a few meters back from where they died, instead of having to restart the level.
•Simple settings in the main menu for adjusting look sensitivity
•Fixed bug that prevented certain animations from playing
•Resistance soldiers move a bit faster
•Resistance soldiers in cover will cease fire if enemies are out of range (but not 100%).
•Fixed jittering in the opening camera animation
•Fixed bug that allowed the player to assassinate a standing terminator while it's in crawler form.
•Resistance Assault rifle has been redesigned to prevent some controversy with a paticular fan-base
•Some unintentional shortcuts in the level has been fixed
•Fix the absence of certain postprocessing effects, such as bloom, motionblur, and Dof
•Fov has been increased by 5 degrees
•fixed the low-res textures on the skynet plasma rifle.
•The game's resolution by default is now at 1024x768
•Player's health recharges faster

Well I hope you enjoy this iteration of an on going project, have fun and enjoy your summer!

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