Big Levels + Tunnels + Suspense + Skulls = THANKS!

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Big Levels + Tunnels + Suspense + Skulls = THANKS! Empty Big Levels + Tunnels + Suspense + Skulls = THANKS!

Post  Vikingo on Sat Aug 21, 2010 5:48 pm

Hi there! T-4

Congratulations for the website/forum!! very nice and needed. I´m from Argentina. Sorry my english study

the other day tried the 1.01 and I´m very impressed. Since the Bethesda Terminator series I want a good game but I was disappointed by the "official" Salvation one... THIS is the thing I was waiting (for years!), in that part of the movies (for me the best ones and I dream with a whole movie in that 2029 scenario!) you simulate it very well and is just the alpha version . Goooood work!


-I hope the final level presented in this alpha will be big and the most open that the engine let you, I know is a FPS and not an action RPG but I really hope to can play with big and long lasting levels.

(Just see the new screens at MODDB and WOW! amazing L.A. level. Those destroyed buildings remember me "Future Shock" but well... a LOT better haha)

-please "remake" some of the parts of the bethesda series where the action was more "suspense than fast" and you hear the terminators coming to you...

-also some tunnels (connecting the levels) with Infiltrators can be so nice!

-some armored cars not for driving but with weapons for fight against the flying machines (don´t know if the engine let have static weapons)

-hope 4:3 aspect ratio will be supported to can play it at 1280x1024... no wide here No

and... -please add some 3d art skulls on the floor for the crushing haha T-5

I always dream with a Terminator game (and a good Aliens one...) and I think this can be the one that capture the real feel of the movies, at least this alpha level do it for me!! thanks for that!

I was so excited playing the alpha that I catch the movies and made some kind of remix with the post apocalyptic parts of them... if you want to check it out please download it here: (two parts, just download both, unrar and play the divx) pirat

PART 1-2

PART 2-2

is like a mini-movie with many respect (sorry for minute 8:33 can´ join it better and yes, at 19:15 our hero successfully escapes the machine haha What a Face )

best wishes and thanks for this project!!


ps: the alpha runs great here at 1280x1024 with Windows 7 32 bits. Core2Duo 6600 2.4 ghz and 8800gt (512 mb) 2gb RAM and sound blaster audigy. and here runs better than Crysis ;-)


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