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Post  NarlyTeeth on Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:42 pm

Positions for enviornment modelers are available. Here are the requirements and recommendations.


-Proficiency with 3ds Max, Maya, or Lightwave

-Proficiency with 3d sculpting (zbrush, or mudbox)

-Proficiency with Photoshop

-Ability to model with solid topology

-Ability to create Industry level, Highpoly models

-Ability to create optimum, Industry level Lowpoly versions of those highpolys

-Ability to unwrap high quality, optimized UVs

-Knowledge of baking quality Normal, and ambient occlusion maps

-Ability to create high quality textures for your models

-Ability to create work that is true to the given references(concept art).

-Ability to communicate well and to be passionate about the project.


-Proficiency with 3dsMax

-Proficiency with Zbrush

-Being a terminator fan, and have good knowledge of the franchise and narrative.

Please keep in mind that I will not supply the software for you. You are responsible for your own tools.
Please provide a portfolio or example of your work that meet the criteria.

you can contact me through email (narlyteeth@hotmail.com), PM, or make a thread in this section about you, and your work.

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