Christian Bale John Connor or Not?

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Christian Bale John Connor or Not? or Not?

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Christian Bale John Connor or Not?

Post  Nerdman3000 on Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:22 pm

Would you perfer a Christian Bale type John Connor, or one that looks more like the flashbacks, now this does NOT confirm that were gonna have John Connor show up, but if we do, I think we should see what the fans want. These are the descriptions:

- John Connor (Christian Bale) : Would basicly look like how he did in Terminator Salvation, but a bit older and like he's in his 50's or something. Remember in the end of TS, Connor got his legendary scar. He would likely be a mix of the T2 Flashback and Bale Connor.

- John Connor (Michael Edwards) : Basicly how he looked in the T2 flashback scene.


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